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Home Phone Provider in Thorold

People living in Thorold are also frugal by nature. Spendthrifts lose money which they can save. VMedia is for those who love to enjoy life but without wasting money. Why are you squandering with all your income over costly telephone bills with some other home phone provider in Thorold when there is VMedia to serve you economically? VMedia is better in quality and services. It is always trying to innovate. So you can expect more and more surprises as new months unfold. Currently, the plans are just too good to seem true, but they are indeed true. You can pay only $14.95 every month and make unlimited phone calls all over Canada. Also, you can make unlimited phone calls to over 60 countries and get away with just a monthly tariff of $24.95.


There are a few other good reasons why you must seriously start thinking of switching over to VMedia. The home phone provider in Thorold which you may be currently having may not offer you excellent call quality, free features of such price-friendly packages. VMedia promises you a lot and always delivers its promises. It has been in the industry for quite some time. Its experience has helped it to make a permanent stamp on the industry and to enjoy cost-related advantages which it passes over to its clients in the form of low-cost calls.