In the city of Temiskaming Shores, if you ever go on looking for a reliable phone provider, do settle for VMedia. If currently some other home phone provider in Temiskaming Shores is serving you, you may toy with the possibility of scrapping its plans and adopting the friendliest ones by VMedia. For making unlimited calls within Canada, there is the Unlimited Canada plan. At $14.95 per month, it should not drain your treasury much, but the facility of unlimited phone calls will certainly help your family to keep in touch with almost everybody.


At the same time, VMedia has unleashed its potent weapon in the form of Unlimited World calling plan. At $24.95 per month, you get to spend only a miniscule sum. But you can make unlimited phone calls throughout the world in over 60 countries. From Australia to Belgium, from Brazil to Malaysia, from South Africa to Peru, from Italy to Japan, from Hungary to Mexico, nearly every country has been covered under the plan. This home phone provider in Temiskaming Shores is certainly rewriting the rulebook. Now, making international phone call at landline is no longer an expensive thing.

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