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Home Phone Provider in St. Thomas

The denizens of St. Thomas can also let out that scream of delight. At $14.95, it is not a bad deal if you are getting unlimited phone calls in Canada. If you do not make many calls, this plan may not be for you. But you will just be one in a hundred if you stay away from phone at this age of gadget-obsession. For others, the home phone provider in St. Thomas namely VMedia has an attractive plan waiting in the wings. At $14.95, one cannot get too many things at once. But isn’t it good to have unlimited phone calls for an entire month for this small payment. And once the month gets over, your next billing period begins and the entire process repeats itself. So for a monthly tariff of $14.95, you are enjoying no-holds-barred phone calls in the country.


Additional benefits only add another dimension to the plan. Then there is the international call plan too. If you wish to enjoy the same facility of unlimited phone calls outside Canada, you will have to pay $24.95. For this sum, you become eligible to enjoy unlimited global calls only at VMedia, your top home phone provider in St. Thomas.

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