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VMedia Offers Home Phone Service in St Catharines

The people living in the city of St. Catharines are gregarious by nature. They love their social life and like to indulge in long gossips over telephone calls. It hardly matters whether the person on the other end is a resident of the same city or is located in some other part of Canada. Quite often, people even indulge in two-hour chitchat with friends living in other countries. Though such talks can be extremely unwinding and rejuvenating, they can lighten your pocket by a huge amount. The best way to avoid such high costs is to contact a home phone provider in St. Catharines which has plans suited for your gregarious needs.

VMedia is one such company which fits such a profile. It has got its telephone services chalked out exactly for people who love talking for hours and hours, distance hardly mattering to them. It has got two basic plans and they are very simple to understand. If you are more into making calls in Canada, you should choose the first plan. It is the Unlimited Canada calling plan. It will give you the facility to make unlimited phone calls in Canada for a fixed sum of $14.95 per month. Now, you just have to pay this sum of money and you can talk about anything and everything with anyone in the country. The second plan will be suitable for those who like to make long-distance calls outside the country. There are many countries both within the American continent and outside it where you may be having dozens of friends, relatives and acquaintances. You can talk to them all for unlimited hours by opting for the plan called Unlimited World calling. This plan taxes you with a fixed monthly tariff of $24.95. Just pay this sum and you can talk limitlessly to people spread in over 60 nations. So, as a home phone provider in St. Catharines, VMedia lives up to its promise of helping the people make low-cost calls.