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If there are heavy phone bills, they may give you a real good headache. Either you have got to stop talking on phone or you have to gear up to pay for such exorbitant bills! In this age when socializing is so much vital for both personal and professional reasons, even the idea to stop talking on phone seems absurd. But are there ways to save money? After all, paying such a high bill month after month can become unaffordable after a point of time. VMedia, your ideal home phone provider in Sarnia, brings you two great ways to save your money. It has notched up two great plans which will help you to save a lot of money on national and international calls.


The first plan is the Unlimited Canada plan. This plan is suitable for all the people since most of them do have their contacts living in different towns in the country. Investment under this plan would come at a monthly pinch of only $14.95. In return, you get to enjoy unlimited phone calls throughout Canada. Since your monthly billing is fixed, you can make as many phone calls and yet pay the same. Another great way to save money is to invest in the second plan which is called the Unlimited World calling plan. This is basically a plan which has been framed to help people save on their international calls. When you are in Canada, there is a high chance that you will have friends and relatives in other countries. Under this scheme, you will just have to bear a monthly tariff of $24.95 and you can make unlimited calls in over 60 countries. So, as a top home phone provider in Sarnia, VMedia certainly takes the cake here. It is reliable, pocket-friendly and extremely flexible with its policies. You can always count on it.

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