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Home Phone Provider in Prince Edward County

Since you have already decided to get a phone installed at your place why not opt for the best home phone provider in Prince Edward County? VMedia may or may not be officially the best. But you will definitely vote for it after you use its services. Recently, its two call plans have been making waves in the town. These calling plans are targeted towards people who do not like to waste money over unnecessary and long-distance phone calls or towards those who do not have the financial luxuries to make international calls frequently.


The plan named Unlimited Canada calling plan is a winner all the way. It offers you unlimited calling with no restriction of timings or duration. It is available under this plan which is billed at $14.95 per month. Those who regularly talk throughout the country will find this plan very feasible. There is the second plan which must not be ignored. It is basically directed towards people having interest in international phone calls. Under this plan namely Unlimited World calling plan, you can make unlimited calls throughout the planet. The plan may not cover all the nooks of the globe but covers over 60 nations which is as good as all over the world. Any relative of yours sitting in China Russia, Iceland or USA can talk to you now when you call him up. In some countries, options to call on both landlines and mobile phones are also open. It means that you can make unlimited calls on either medium for this seemingly paltry sum of $24.95 per month. Thus, VMedia is rightfully taking over the crown of the best home phone provider in Prince Edward County.

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