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Home Phone Provider in Pembroke

The facility of unlimited calls can be really enticing. It is hard to say no to any plan which gives you the power of making unlimited calls without any restriction whatsoever. So, VMedia also serves as your home phone provider in Pembroke and spoil you with its great plans which tend to be the money-saving schemes. Some people want to talk to their far-flung friends but refrain from doing so since the bill for an international call can be very high, even if the conversation is a short one. Some people, even if they make such a call, keep it short and think hundred times before making the call again. VMedia’s plan called Unlimited World call will give you some relief from this problem.


If you do have a set of friends or relatives outside Canada, then it is better to just pay a monthly sum of $24.95 and then enjoy your unlimited quota of talking to them. Features like DND, Display name, visual blinker for an incoming message and call forwarding amongst others can also be enjoyed alongside for free. Being a growing home phone provider in Pembroke, VMedia also offers the Unlimited Canada plan. Under this, subscribers will be charged $14.95 per month for unlimited calling within Canada. Both the plans are friendly and mass-oriented. So, enjoy them and experience the benefits of being a VMedia customer!