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Home Phone Provider in Owen Sound

VMedia is also a name which is increasing its presence in the town of Owen Sound. If you were looking for a good and genuine home phone provider in Owen Sound, better look at the plans and services of VMedia. In case you feel that something is missing from its catalogue, feel free to mail your suggestions. The company does not mind listening to the suggestions and requests by its clients and potential clients. For the records, the top two plans which are currently getting the public appreciation are plan Unlimited Canada and plan Unlimited World. Under the first plan, users can enjoy free calling throughout Canada.


Calls are unlimited and then are no restrictions as such. Calls can be made both on landlines and on mobile phones. The monthly tariff for this plan is fixed at $14.95. Under the second plan, users can enjoy free international calls round the planet covering over 60 nations. Calls can be made on landlines in most countries. But in some countries like USA, Canada, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Hong Kong and others, free unlimited calls can also be made on cell phones other than the usual landlines. VMedia’s top task is to help make you curb your billing expenses. Now, with one of these plans, you can actually control the way your phone budget moves. VMedia, no doubt, has been making some marks as a top home phone provider in Owen Sound.

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