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Home Phone Provider in Ottawa

VMedia also offers unlimited phone call in Canada to the residents of Ottawa. If you are looking for a home phone provider in Ottawa, VMedia should be your best bet. The company has been making a lot of noise in the market for its cost-effective policies which has been making a lot of people sign up for it. Apart from its unlimited calling policy (which requires you to pay $14.95 per month for unlimited calling in Canada), you can also opt for the Unlimited World calling. In this policy, you are able to make unlimited phone calls to different parts of the world for a fixed monthly tariff. This policy is extremely suitable to those who make frequent international calls and wish to indulge into lengthy chitchats.


One of the great things that internet and modern life have bestowed us with is the luxury to make and maintain international friends. Sure, you may be having certain tastes and it is likely that you may run into people with similar tastes on the internet. They make be located in any part of the world. Having a great chemistry with them can make you feel like talking to them over phone during your free time. Hence, VMedia, the best home phone provider in Ottawa, brings you Unlimited World calling pack so that you can make unlimited international calls without jumping the budget.

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