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VMedia Offers Home Phone Service in Orillia

Orillia is another town which loves making phone calls. It is not uncommon for the people in this city to pick up their phone and call up someone in the countries outside Canada. Russia is a country which shares a number of similarities with Canada. It is quite a cold country and is a very large one at that, just like Canada. Both can be connected through phone call. So if you have a friend staying over there, you can talk merrily over phone call, but only if you have opted for the Unlimited World call plan by VMedia, your top home phone provider in Orillia. Under the plan, you become eligible to make long-distance international calls for free. All you will be required to pay is the monthly sum of $24.95. At this amount, you can make any number of calls in Russia, but only in landlines. However, for countries like USA, China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico, you can make unlimited calls on landlines as well as on mobile phones.


VMedia may soon be billed as the number one home phone provider in Orillia. In an unofficial capacity, it has already received the love and adulation of its clients. It has only strengthened its resolve to get better and better with its services. You can expect more awesome plans coming out from its stable in the future.