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Some things are really delicious. There are chocolates and pizzas and even the good-looking actresses. But perhaps nothing can make you go yum as much as the phone call plans by VMedia. It is a home phone provider in North Bay and has been making a name for itself for its great calling plans. These plans are targeted at the masses. Their basic purpose is to help people to make more phone calls without paying much. So, those who love to chat all the time over long phone calls can actually find these plans amazing. One such plan is the Unlimited Canada plan. This plan will give you access to unlimited phone calls in Canada. You can call anyone anywhere in the country. You will have to dish out only a monthly tariff of $14.95 for the same. This amount is pretty reasonable, given that you can make unlimited calls in any part of the country.


Another excellent plan is the Unlimited World plan. This is a great plan since it will help those people who have international friends to talk to them for hours. In this age of Twitter and Facebook, we often make a lot of international friends. Unfortunately, people have to communicate with them only through emails and social chats in order to save money. International phone calls, in general, are very expensive. But VMedia brings you this Unlimited World plan which will give you access to unlimited calling in over 60 nations. You will have to pay a monthly tariff of $24.95. So, isn’t this a plan too yummy to resist? Now, just latch on to this plan and talk till the wee hours with your best friends and potential best friends, whether they are in USA or in China! So, as a home phone provider in North Bay, VMedia seems to have made a strong mark.

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