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Home Phone Provider in Norfolk County

Norfolk County is a relatively small place and a lot of people move out from here to other countries like USA, Singapore and China where the job prospects are really excellent. If you are a family man/woman, there is a strong likelihood that one of your children or cousins or siblings may have moved out of Canada. So, don’t you fear losing in touch with them? Yes, you may still say the usual ‘hi’s’ and ‘hellos’ over social sites but if you do not talk with them over long phone calls, they will silently drift out of your lives. VMedia, a reliable home phone provider in Norfolk County, brings you the Unlimited World calling plan. Under this plan, you can make unlimited phone calls in other parts of the world. You can even make landline and mobile phone calls in selected countries like USA, Singapore, China, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and Thailand. In other countries, you can make unlimited landline calls.


So, now you can talk to your family members without worrying over the phone bills. Geography, after all, must not make a cleft in the relationship. VMedia, as your friendly home phone provider in Norfolk County, will take care of all your custom needs too.