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The residents of London in Ontario are also getting more and more social. There was a time when these bunches of people were pretty reticent. But it looks like new-age gadgets have made them pretty much a social butterfly. So, most of them do not mind making long-distance phone calls and then chitchat for hours. Sure, the idea seems amazing and tempting. But once the cheesy gossip gets over and you look at your call charge, you go to bed with a guilty conscience. Why not find a home phone provider in London which can give you the cheese without burdening your conscience?


VMedia is the name to bank upon. With its cost-effective friendly plans, now users can make all kinds of calls without having to trouble their mind over time and cost. With a fixed monthly tariff of $24.95, now you can make unlimited international call to over 60 countries. Isn’t that awesome? And if that is not enough, you can also get the benefit of making unlimited calls in Canada only by paying a monthly tariff of $14.95. So, once you join hands with VMedia, just make sure that you select your plan after calculating the kind of calls you make. No matter what preference you have, VMedia will appear to you as the best home phone provider in London.

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