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If you are living in Kingston and you have friends in the faraway countries of south-east Asia, making random phone calls can be extremely expensive. Besides, if you go about talking leisurely and for long hours, your bills will nearly hit the sky. VMedia, as a home phone provider in Kingston, offers you plans which can empower you to make as many calls as you want to the other part of the world. With the Unlimited World calling, you can make unlimited phone calls to more than 60 countries. You can make unlimited phone calls to the top South-east Asian nations like Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. You will have to pay only a monthly sum of $24.95. Under this tariff, you become eligible to make unlimited calls. Thus, you can save a lot of money over the month. If you are the one who makes regular international calls, this plan will definitely help you to enjoy a greater command over your budget.


In addition, VMedia also brings you the fantastic Unlimited Canada calling plan. This plan is more fitting for the needs of those people who need to frequently call people in other parts of the country. Living in Kingston, you may have your friends sitting in other parts of Canada. Instead of calling them with your basic phone balance, it is better to save money by choosing this plan. Under a monthly fee of $14.95, you can make unlimited phone calls throughout Canada. Hence, as a home phone provider in Kingston, VMedia has certainly got some appeal. It can help you to save bucks when you are on phone. Plus, its quality of calls will definitely make you feel as if you just killed two birds with one stone there.