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Local phone calls may not raise your eyebrows. They are not so expensive after all. But when we are talking of calls which break all territorial boundaries, you will surely feel compelled to get a hiccup or two. Could you imagine that an international call made from Canada to, say, China or USA could be so cost-effective that you will be able to enjoy unlimited time of talking for only a few dollars? Could you ever think that for a monthly payment of $24.95, you could make free unlimited calls to as many as 60 countries? May be, you are still finding it hard to believe. But trust us, VMedia is about possibilities. VMedia is a home phone provider in Kenora. It is being trended around for its latest and innovative plans which have made the entire country go on top of the moon


Its plan of Unlimited World call is fixed at $24.95. This is a monthly plan for which you will have to pay this much money every month. As a member to this plan, you will be able to make as many phone calls as you want throughout the world in over sixty countries. You will also be able to make calls on both landline and mobile phones in the countries of USA, China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, SAR, Puerto Rico and Guam. In the rest of the world, you will be able to make free unlimited phone calls only at landline. VMedia, as an innovative home phone provider in Kenora, has also come out with the Unlimited Canada calling plan. Under this plan, you can make unlimited mobile phone and landline calls within Canada for a monthly tariff of $14.95.

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