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VMedia is scripting revolutions and singlehandedly changing the rules of telephone calls. How many people enjoy the idea of having to make an international phone call? Even a 5-minute call can leave you poorer by a lot of money. But VMedia’s Unlimited World plan has made it a coveted home phone provider in Elliot Lake. At $24.95 per month, it is offering unlimited calls in over 60 countries across the world. A number of call-related features are also included for free. Overall, one does not have to shy away from calling up somebody in USA or Russia or China.


VMedia is also getting a lot of appreciation for its Unlimited Canada plan. Thus plan is more useful to those customers who make a lot of calls within Canada. This plan charges you a fixed monthly tariff of $14.95 but removes all restrictions on the number of calls. You do not have to worry about emptying balance or rising bills. Now, you can call incessantly and non-stop to any person within Canada and talk for countless hours. This plan has also given VMedia an extra edge as a prolific home phone provider in Elliot Lake.

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