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Home Phone Provider in Cornwall

Cornwall residents can also enjoy the advantages of signing up with VMedia. It is also a home phone provider in Cornwall and has been doing brisk business. Its plans are simple and straightforward. Both the plans will benefit you. But the one which will benefit you most will be dependent on the nature of your calls. If you make more national calls and only sparing number of international calls, then better opt for the Unlimited Canada plan. At $14.95 per month, it will be a steal. You will be able to make unlimited phone calls throughout the month anywhere in the country. Sounds awesome, right?


Those who are more in the habit of making friends outside the country can ideally choose the Unlimited World plan. This scheme calls for a monthly investment of $24.95. By paying this moderate sum of money every month, you become eligible to make limitless hours of international calls all over the world. You can choose from over 60 nations. You can even make free calls to countries as distant as China and as remote as Iceland. Thus, as a home phone provider in Cornwall, VMedia has left no stone unturned to make people talk more and pay less. Its slew of other non-financial perks is also rewarding.

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