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Home Phone Provider in Cambridge

When it comes to talking over the phone, the city of Cambridge in Ontario does not lag behind. This town is witnessing a rise in professionals and socialites. People are glued to their cell phones even while sitting on the park or picking up grocery on the shops. The bill at the end of the month may give a near heart attack to some people. Ideally, VMedia comes across as a cost-friendly home phone provider in Cambridge. It gives you the financial tools to make unlimited calls without going overboard with your budget.


If you already know that you will be making substantial number of phone calls to people in Canada or even outside it, it is better to choose a plan and pay a fixed sum of money every month. For instance, the Unlimited Canada calling plan will allow you to make unlimited calls in Canada for a nominal tariff of $14.95 per month. Similarly, for a fixed monthly tariff of $24.95, you can make unlimited phone calls in over 60 nations. So, as a reliable home phone provider in Cambridge, VMedia gives you both quality and economy.

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