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Everybody wants to talk on phones. There is a more personal and intimate element in talking over phone than in talking over social sites. Besides, when you are talking over phone, you can also enjoy 3-way conference calls. Now, VMedia, as a home phone provider in Brantford, brings before you some fascinating call plans which may just make your eyeball pop out. It is no exaggeration since making international calls is otherwise very expensive. So if you have friends in other parts of the world, what do you do? You either don’t call them at all or you call them just for a couple of minutes, more in a perfunctory and formal way. That means that you compromise on quality talk. VMedia brings you this Unlimited World plan under which you can make unlimited calling in over 60 countries. The countries include most of the top ones and you will love to interact with all your buddies. The tariff you will have to pay under this plan would be a decent $24.95 per month.


In countries like Canada, China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, Puerto Rico and Guam, you can call on both landline and mobiles. So, you can make unlimited calls in these countries on both forms of phone. In other countries, you can make calls on landline only. But you can make unlimited calls. So, at $24.95 per month, you are definitely the one to gain from this venture. So, your search for a reliable and economic home phone provider in Brantford ends here with VMedia. Just try out its services and you will not be regretting.