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VMedia is a top home phone provider in Belleville and is slowly but surely climbing up the ladders of popularity. In the process, it is giving a run for money to a number of behemoths from the field by emerging with innovative plans and friendly packages. One of the best things about VMedia is its stubbornness to stick to highest quality. It has been solely devoted to the cause of providing very high-quality phone call service to hundreds of its clients spread in various corners of Canada. It has been fetching some rave reviews for its unlimited call plans which aim towards promoting more national and international calls at very reasonable rates. As a user looking to avail free calling facilities in Canada, you can subscribe to the Unlimited Canada Call plan. This plan will give you the power to call for unlimited hours to any number in the country. In exchange, you will be charged a monthly bill of $14.95. This fixed amount comes down to a very small denomination when an average per call is computed. So you end up saving ample amount of money.


Being a thriving home phone provider in Belleville, VMedia has also formulated a plan for international callers. Making phone calls outside Canada used to be very costly. But not anymore! With VMedia, you can avail unlimited hours of international phone calls. This scheme entails many benefits for those people who are habituated to making international calls. Under this plan, the users have to pay $24.95 per month. In return, they get the facility of making unlimited phone calls outside Canada in over 60 countries including those of USA and Puerto Rico. In some countries, free calls can also be made on mobile numbers.

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