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VMedia – on the way to Pitt Meadows British Columbia

VMedia, the highly popular Multimedia Company and one of Canada’s most progressive and innovative providers of High-Speed Internet, IPTV and Phone services in many provinces including British Columbia and the city of Pitt Meadows  are delighted to announce the arrival of VMedia Protect – VMedia’s new wireless monitored Home Security System and our new customers will certainly enjoy the benefits of a professionally monitored Home Security in this age of increased crime and burglaries across Canada in 2018. VMedia continues to excel in the area of customer care and low prices as we continue our expansion journey across our great country today. Our record speaks for itself and we offer our customers in Pitt Meadows modern innovative technology at its best with great choices and low prices with awesome customer care – guaranteed! Pitt Meadows continues to grow and develop as an energetic city surrounded by so much beautiful scenery in the Lower Fraser Valley brimming with sparkling lakes like Pitt Lake, rivers, mountains  forests and Parks including Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, Hoffman Park and the Pitt Polder Ecological reserve  full of wildlife habitats and beautiful trails in this beautiful  area rich in agriculture, crops – especially corn –  and dairy farming, fruit farms, horticulture all supporting the local economy. The city has so much to offer with nice shopping, restaurants, galleries, and museums including its highly popular Heritage Preservation Area – showcasing a rich and diverse history and Indigenous culture in the city. Pitt Meadows has a vibrant community spirit and the ideal city to visit or live in with so much indoor and outdoor activities and events to enjoy all year round. VMedia are delighted to be present in Pitt Meadows as we continue to offer our exceptionally low prices and truly amazing customer care keeping us way ahead of our competitors in Canada today!


In this age of constant connectivity and innovation, the quality and speed of your Internet is critical for your ability to work, study or play every day and VMedia Internet pushes the boundaries of speed and reliability providing High-Speed Internet with no contracts and a variety of Internet deals and internet plans for everyone. VMedia is one of the prominent ISP providers in Canada since 2013 and millions of satisfied customers enjoy the benefits of a reliable network and committed staff and our famously low priced Plans – it’s cheap internet at it’s best! Currently, VMedia offer DSL, Cable or FTTN in British Columbia and our Sales Team will advise what Plan suits your location in Pitt Meadows and offer the best and lowest prices with our Technical Support Team available seven days a week to keep all our customers connected!

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Home Security – VMedia Protect

VMedia is dedicated to providing a new and trusted wireless monitored Home Security System for the homes, apartments, and condos in British Columbia and the Pitt Meadows locality called VMedia Protect – offering 24/7 protection for your home and possessions that are designed to deter intruders with the latest easy to  install system and including the most professional monitoring from our 5 diamond and ULC certified Monitoring Station (the highest certification in the industry) that is operated  365 days a year with highly trained  and experienced Staff giving you the ultimate peace of mind when you are not at home. If your alarm is triggered a signal is sent via the internet or cellular to our Monitoring Station where our team will immediately notify you and the local police. VMedia Protect also includes a free app so you can remotely arm/disarm your system from your phone or tablet and receive updates and alerts wherever you are. VMedia Protect is very reasonably priced, so easy to operate with absolutely no contracts and full 30-day money back guarantee as standard.

VMedia Protect Kit

Our VMedia Protect Kit is designed and manufactured to the highest standards of excellence and once installed offer great protection for your property day or night. The VMedia Kit contains the standard Security Hub x 1, Door/ Window sensors x2, PIR motion sensors x 1 and window decals (informing any unwelcome intruders that your home is monitored and protected by VMedia Protect). The VMedia Protect Kit costs only $229.95 and extra sensors and other items can be purchased if required – just call our Sales Team!

Security Hub

The Security Hub is the main control panel and is easily fitted anywhere within your home only requiring an internet connection. The Door Window and PIR motion sensors – (that are completely pet-friendly!)  –  connect wirelessly to the Hub via RF so just plug in the Security Hub, stick up the sensors and call us to activate your system – easy as that! The Security Hub also has a built-in battery to keep your system powered for up to 24 hours in case of power outages.

Service Plans

Once your  VMedia Protect kit is installed you are now ready for  VMedia’s 24 /7 professional monitoring service from our Central Monitoring Station giving you the ultimate peace of mind and complete protection for what matters – your property. We offer 2 great service plans – Protect and Protect Plus.


Protect offers 24/7 professional monitoring 365 days a year and allows us to remotely arm/disarm your Security Hub if required. Protect will also send you instant texts, emails and push notifications over the internet making sure you are informed and protected at all times.

Protect costs only $12.95/month.

Protect Plus

Protect Plus offers the same  24/7 professional monitoring 365 days a year but with dual communication with internet and cellular communication allowing us to send you instant texts, emails and push notifications instantly and letting us remotely arm /disarm your Security Hub if required.

Protect Plus costs only $16.95/month.

VMedia Protect – 24/7 monitored protection guaranteed!

Optional Add-On Service

VMedia offer our new customers in Pitt Meadows a unique new service called Private Security Response that could save you money and avoid costly false alarm charges. If your alarm is triggered VMedia Protect will send a member of our Private Security Response Team to check your property for signs of a break-in or burglary and if one is detected they will immediately inform you and the local police. This service costs only $4.95/month could save you charges of between $75 – $150 call out charges – more savings from VMedia!

Accessories and Extras

VMedia offer a complete range of extra accessories to compliment and customize your property including sensors, window decals, key fobs, GSM upgrades and a Pin Pad that can be placed at your entry or exit points and used to arm or disarm your Security Hub by entering your own secret code.

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Home Insurance

Once your VMedia Protect kit is installed we will supply an Insurance Certificate for your Home Insurance Company that will offer savings of between 10% – 15% – guaranteed!

Call our Sales Team for all your VMedia Protect and home security questions, information and all prices.


Every day VMedia offers new and exciting home entertainment experiences and more thanks to its hugely popular IPTV service with massive choices, flexibility and the lowest prices making them the number one IPTV Provider across Canada today. IPTV has gained enormous popularity all over the world in recent years as it uses the Internet instead of the more traditional Satellite and Cable to stream TV instantly to your home!

VMedia is available in many provinces including British Columbia and Pitt Meadows offering the best-priced TV, communication and so much more at really low prices with unbeatable choice and value for money always. IPTV or Internet Protocol Television from VMedia is streamed via the internet through an Internet box called The VBox allowing instant access to the best Canadian, US and International Networks and channels, news, sport, films, music, kids and much more! The VBox also acts like a browser with immediate access to The Web, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Netflix, Plex, XBMC, Instagram, Picasa and 100’s of apps for all the family.

VCloud and PVR are also features of the VBox allowing recording and a seven-day “scroll- back “option so you never miss your favorite programmes and PVR to rewind, pause, stop or fast-forward recorded programmes allowing even more flexibility and enjoyment.

VMedia continue to offer a vast amount of channels from all over the world with its Packages and Theme Packs designed to entertain all the family at seriously low prices – check out our amazing Packages starting with TheSkinny – The lowest priced Package in Canada today offering 23 channels for only $24.95/month, The Basic – offering 35 channels for only $35.95/month and The Premium Basic – offering a massive 57 channels for only $49.95/month!

The incredible value and choice continue with our Theme Packs at the lowest prices in Canada today including Family Pack, Kids Pack, Hollywood Suite, Sports Man, Sports Fan, TSN, International, Style, Living, Knowledge, Discovery and many more!

UChoose from VMedia brings even more enjoyable for you as you can pick and choose your own personal entertainment from over 160 standalone with prices as low as only $2.95 per channel!

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Keeping in touch with family and friends has never been easier thanks to the invention of the Phone and is a vital part of everyday life here in Canada and in every corner of the Globe. VMedia Phone are connecting people across the provinces – including British Columbia – since 2013 and are one of Canada’s most popular and reliable Phone Providers offering huge savings and a range of low priced Phone Plans with simply unbeatable call rates keeping everyone talking – all with no contracts! Our massive network is constantly being improved and upgraded by our expert staff to keep our customers connected every day as part of our ongoing commitment to quality that is so important to us at VMedia.

Check out these amazing Phone Plans:

Home Phone gets you low monthly bills, no contracts, 16 phone features and the first month free.

Unlimited Canada and USA Plan gets you unlimited calls all over Canada and reduced calls elsewhere for only $19.95/month.

With Unlimited World gets you unlimited calls to over 60 countries worldwide and reduced calls elsewhere for only $26.95/month.

VMedia Phone – everyone is talking with us!

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Here in VMedia our Staff are committed and focused to providing the most modern and reliable High-Speed Internet, IPTV and Phone services and now introducing our new wireless monitored Home Security System called VMedia Protect to our customers in Pitt Meadows and the surrounding

communities as we guarantee endless choices, flexibility, seven-day technical support, and awesome customer care – all with the lowest prices unrivaled in Canada today!

VMedia – Canada’s number 1!