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VMedia on the way to Devon Alberta

Devon is a small but famous town founded after one of the biggest Oil discoveries in Canada back in 1947 with the town flourishing since then. It is located just 16 miles from Edmonton – an easy commute for residents and visitors – in central Alberta and the area is steeped in oil exploration history and is a major part of the local economy. Devon is situated by the North Saskatchewan River offering plenty of activities including boating, fishing and many outdoor activities including fine walks, trails and much to see and do. VMedia are proud to be associated with this thriving and friendly town as we offer – High Speed Internet, IPTV, Phone and now introducing our brand new wireless monitored Home Security system called VMedia Protect – all at our famously low prices, exceptional choices and awesome customer care that has made VMedia the Multimedia Company success story across Canada since 2013.


The Internet has been empowering people all over the world with endless information, education, and entertainment and here in Canada VMedia has emerged as one of the most popular ISP Providers in the country connecting millions of customers to their powerful and reliable internet network every day. VMedia has the Technical capability to provide an Internet service that satisfies all our customers’ needs and we offer a complete range of Internet Plans and Internet Deals in many provinces including Alberta and the Devon area at really affordable prices to suit every household and location.

Currently in Alberta and the communities in and around Devon we offer DSL ,FTTN and  Cable Internet and our friendly Sales Team can easily advise what option suits your location and needs then offer you the lowest price available. Connection to our network is so easily done and our Technical Support Team are available seven days a week to make sure our customers stay connected – that’s our guarantee from VMedia!

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Home Security – VMedia Protect

VMedia Protect is the new and recently-launched wireless monitored Home Security System offering 24/7 protection for your property keeping it safe, secure and free from unwanted intruders.

Urban and rural crime is sadly on the increase all over Canada, including Alberta and VMedia are now introducing VMedia Protect to their customers in Devon and the surrounding communities to help reduce local crime rates with their easy to install Security System that will offer complete peace of mind when you are away from home.

VMedia Protect can be customised to suit any house, apartment or condominium and is connected to our 5 diamond and ULC certified Central Monitoring Station, where our highly experienced team will monitor your home 24/7. VMedia Protect comes with a free mobile app so you can receive constant updates and remotely arm/disarm your security system if required. We are excited to offer our customers an easy-to-install and use Home Security system that is affordable and comes with no contracts and a full 30-day money back guarantee!


The VMedia Protect Kit contains all you need to complete your home protection and is so easily installed in your home – all that is required is an internet connection. The VMedia Protect Kit contains: The Security Hub (main control panel) x 1, door/window sensors x 2, PIR motion sensor x 1, Monitoring certificate x 1 and Window decals (informing any unwelcome intruders that your home is fully monitored and protected by VMedia) x 4.

Cost of VMEDIA PROTECT KIT is $229.95.

Extra monitors and other items can be purchased from our Sales Team.


The Security Hub is the main control panel for your home Security system and is easily fitted (DIY) within your home. The sensors and PIR motion sensors connect wirelessly and will send a signal via the Internet (LTE upgrades are also available) to our Central Monitoring Station if your alarm is triggered and our team will inform you and the local police immediately. The Security Hub is also fitted with a built in battery in case of power outages. Simply plug in the Hub, attach the monitors within your home and call us to activate – easy as that!


Once installed your home is now ready for monitoring from our Central Monitoring Station and VMedia Protect offer the most professional home monitoring at very reasonably priced monthly rates and guaranteeing your home is secured and monitored 24/7. We offer 2 great plans called PROTECT and PROTECT PLUS.


PROTECT offers 24/7 professional protection 365 days a year and allows you to remotely arm/disarm your Security Hub using the free mobile application. You can also receive system alerts/notifications in the form of text, email or push notifications. In this plan, the Security Hub communicates to the Central monitoring station over any home Internet connection.

Cost of PROTECT is only $12.95/month.


PROTECT PLUS offers the same 24/7 professional protection 365 days a year and comes with the free mobile application to remotely arm /disarm your Security Hub. In this plan, the Security Hub is pre-installed with dual communication channel i.e.  Over Internet and cellular. This provides an extra back up to your security system and thus providing that extra sense of safety. System alerts and notifications are also available over texts, emails and push notifications adding maximum peace of mind knowing your home is protected with VMedia.

Cost of PROTECT PLUS is only $16.95/month.


VMedia Protect have also recently introduced a new service that is now available for our new customers in and around Devon called PRIVATE SECURITY RESPONSE so if your home alarm is triggered a Private Security Response Team member will be dispatched from our Central Monitoring Station to check your property for any signs of a break-in and if one is detected they will immediately inform you and the local police. This great service from VMedia Protect will avoid costly false alarm call-out charges that could cost you $75-$250 depending on your location.

Cost of PRIVATE SECURITY RESPONSE is only $4.95/month.


VMedia Protect have a comprehensive range of extra accessories to complete your home security if needed, with extra door/window sensors, PIR motion sensors, window decals, key fobs and PIN Pads that can be placed at entrance /exit points of your property and armed/disarmed using your personal code.

Our Sales team would be happy to advise on any aspect of VMedia Protect – call us anytime!

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When your home security system is installed VMedia Protect will issue an insurance certificate for your Home Insurance Prover that will guarantee you savings of 10%-15% on your monthly premiums!

VMedia Protect – we protect 24/7!


IPTV is next generation TV entertainment and has changed the way Television is viewed all over the world using the mighty internet with futuristic Technology, crisp and clear sound and vision and a multitude of choices to enjoy. VMedia has provided IPTV since 2013 and is now present in many provinces including Alberta and the Devon area with new and exciting networks, channels and TV shows from all over Canada, The US and worldwide available in an instant!

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) from VMedia is streamed via the internet through an IPTV box called The VBox showing all the major Canadian, U.S and International networks and channels, news, sport, films, kids, games and much more .The VBox also acts as a browser with instant access to The Web, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Netflix, Plex, XBMC and 100’s of apps for all ages and interests.

VCloud and PVR are also features of The VBox allowing recording and a seven day “scroll back“ option so you never miss your favourite programmes and PVR to pause, rewind, stop or fast-forward recorded programmes – more flexibility and fun only from VMedia!

Our customers in Devon can enjoy new experiences with our extensive range of the best channels from all over Canada and worldwide thanks to VMedia’s Packages and Theme Packs designed to thrill and excite all the family – all at really low prices too!

Our Packages are the very best in Canada today and include TheSkinny – offering 23 channels for only $24.95/month, the Basic – offering 35 channels for only $35.95/month, and The Premium Basic offering an amazing 57 channels for only $49.95/month.

The superb choice and value for money continues with our range of Theme Packs available including Family Pack, Kids Pack, Hollywood Suite, TSN, Sports Man, Sports Fan, International, Style, Knowledge and many more.

UChoose gives the ultimate viewing experience so you can pick and choose from over 160 standalones to create your own personal entertainment from prices as low as only $2.95 /month.

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VMedia IPTV – a world of choice for you!


The phone remains one of the most important inventions of the modern world and VMedia created it’s phone service in 2013 to connect customers with family and friends across Canada and to every corner of the globe with their technologically advances network offering seamless calls at really low prices already enjoyed by our customers across the provinces including Alberta. We offer our customers in Devon and the surrounding communities a range of low – priced Phone plans with no contracts including:

Home phone – offering low monthly bills, no contracts, 16 fantastic phone features and the first month free.

Unlimited Canada and USA – offering unlimited calls all over Canada and USA,  and reduced calls elsewhere for only $19.95/month.

Unlimited World- offering unlimited calls to over 60 countries worldwide and reduced calls elsewhere for only $24.95/month.

These prices reflect great value for your dollar and the cheapest rates just for you!

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VMedia Phone – keep talking with us!

VMedia continue to grow and expand all over our great country and our vision is to be present in every city, town including Devon and rural community in the future in Canada going forward. We are committed to keeping prices low and offering our customers the best experiences with our High Speed Internet, IPTV, Phone and our new wireless monitored Home security service called VMedia Protect – all with low prices guaranteed and the most awesome customer care by our professional,  friendly and dedicated staff who put our customers first – always!

Why not call VMedia today at 1-844-872-8269 today or visit www.vmedia.ca for all information, deals, bundles, current special offers and all prices.

VMedia – the future is here!