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VMedia is coming to Regina Saskatchewan


Canada is a country that like all other counties all over the world depends on a reliable Internet and Phone and IPTV service for education, business and trade, socialization, information, communication and entertainment as it involves and facilitates nearly every aspect of people’s life every day. The Internet and Phone Networks are a really important part of the infrastructure of every country and Canada has a modern and superior network thanks to advanced Technology and investments to continue its growth.

One of the most successful emerging Multimedia Companies involved in developing and expanding their Internet, IPTV and Phone services is VMedia, the Toronto based Company at the heart of Internet, IPTV and Phone services in the Ontario region since 2013. Their phenomenal success has encouraged them to expand its services to other provinces including Saskatchewan and Regina and the surrounding area in 2017 and beyond bring a new and reliable Internet, Phone and IPTV service they deserve – all at really low prices. Regina is a thriving city with its University, Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the famous Royal Mounted Police Academy and a busy commercial and retail centre with excellent housing and plenty to do and see all year round making Regina a popular place to study, work and live in. VMedia is excited to locate here, bring superior and reliable Internet, IPTV and Phone services at the lowest prices anywhere in Canada today!


In a world that is constantly moving online, having a fast and reliable Internet is a necessity economically and socially for every town and city in Canada and beyond. VMedia are very pleased to offer the people of Regina a modern and reliable Internet with really fast speeds, no contract, no limits and amazingly low prices to suit everyone’s needs and budget. VMedia has the best Internet for Regina and the surrounding communities and we promise a variety of plans – our friendly Sales Team will advise and assess what is suitable for your location and daily needs then offer the best and lowest price possible. VMedia only employs the best Technical Team who continue to improve and upgrade the network, while our Technical Support team are available seven days a week to keep you connected, informed and entertained – that’s great service – only from VMedia.

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IPTV is the television of the future with the IPTV Market in Canada undergoing a revolution in pricing, delivery and content options available for Television entertainment in today’s busy world. Since 2013 VMedia has become the popular choice when it comes to IPTV thanks to its superb Technology, huge choices and flexibility and really low prices bringing excellent value for money with the best entertainment to your home every day and continues to beat its rivals in terms of quality and price. The people of Regina will enjoy new and extraordinary entertainment thanks to VMedia as they bring its IPTV to the city and the province of Saskatchewan.

IPTV is Television streamed via the Internet through a set top box called The VBox – bringing a huge variety of top Canadian, US and Multinational channels and shows, news, sports, films, kids, games and much more. The VBox includes a browser giving instant to The Web, Facebook,Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Netflix, Plex, XBMC, Instagram, Picasa and 100’s of apps for all ages and interests. VCloud and PVR adds to the capabilities of The VBox allowing recording so you never miss your favourite programmes and PVR  to record, rewind, pause, stop or fast forward a recorded programme bringing extra flexibility and enjoyment – only from VMedia!

VMedia offer the most comprehensive Packages and Theme Packs in the IPTV Market in Canada today bringing unlimited choices and a wide range of shows and channels for all ages starting with our most popular Package called “TheSkinny” – offering an amazing 30+ channels for only $17.95 – the lowest priced package in Canada today!

Other Packages include “The Basic” – offering 40+ channels for only $29.95/month, and the Premium Basic – offering 60+ channels for only $44.95/month.

Our incredible value continues at VMedia with our Theme Packs like Family Pack, Kids Pack, Hollywood Suite, SuperNews, Sportsnet 1 and 2, Style, Lifestyle, Knowledge and more!

With UChoose from VMedia you can pick and choose from over 170 standalones and create your own personal viewing experience from only $1.50 per channel – amazing deals every day – only from VMedia!

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Every day all over Canada we use our phone to contact and connect with our family and friends and the phone is one of the most important communication items in our life. The Phone connects us to every corner of the world and VMedia are happy to locate its modern and reliable phone service to Regina and the province of Saskatchewan, bring a great network with really low call rates to keep you connected and talking for longer!

We offer great rates, no contracts, and no small print – just what people need today and we beat all our rivals to bring the best service at the lowest prices in Canada today. Regina will benefit hugely from a truly outstanding Phone service from VMedia with our seven day Technical Support Team to keep you talking!

With Home Phone you get low monthly rates, no contracts and the first month free.

With Unlimited Canada you get unlimited calling all over Canada and reduced calls elsewhere for only $14.95/month.

With Unlimited World you get unlimited calling to over 60 countries worldwide and reduced calls elsewhere for only $24.95/month.

These plans and prices represent the best from VMedia.

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At VMedia our vision is to be in every town and city in Canada in the future and we are excited to be in Regina very soon to offer the best Internet, IPTV and Phone services at the lowest prices in Canada. We employ the best Staff whose commitment, dedication and hard work drives us to be the most popular and exciting Multimedia in Canada today.

For all information, deals and current special offers why not call our friendly Sales Team today at 1- 844- 872-82691-844-872-8269 or visit www.vmedia.ca

See you soon in Regina!

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