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VMedia is Coming to Prince Albert Saskatchewan


Prince Albert is the third largest city in the province of Saskatchewan, a thriving and busy city in an area rich in agriculture, forestry and mining and a busy commercial and retail centre with plenty to do and see all throughout the year. The people of Prince Albert will soon welcome the hugely popular Multimedia Company VMedia, the highly innovative Company providing the best quality Internet, IPTV and Phone services at amazingly low prices. VMedia has the combination of expert Technology, awesome staff and really low prices for all its services and due to its outstanding success in Ontario it is expanding all over Canada including Saskatchewan to give the people what they deserve today – quality, choice and low prices.

We are excited to bring our much need services to Saskatchewan and we promise to bring a whole new world of communication and entertainment to Prince Albert and the surrounding area – all at much lower prices than our competitors!


The Internet has changed our lives all over the planet and is the most useful modern source of information, communication and entertainment in modern times. The Internet plays a prominent role in our everyday life and in Canada we all want a modern, reliable and efficient Internet provider so look no further – VMedia is here! We have been providing a top quality Internet service in the Ontario region since 2013 and now we are expanding to Saskatchewan and the Prince Albert area very soon, bringing fast, efficient and reliable Internet with no limits, no contracts and the lowest Internet pans to suit everyone’s budget and lifestyle.

We offer a variety of plans and our friendly Sales Team will assist and assess your location, then offer the best and lowest price for you. We will be currently offering Cable in the Saskatchewan area so you get the best and our Technical Support Team are available seven days a week to keep you connected, informed and entertained – now that’s great service – only from VMedia!

Why not call our Sales Team today at 1- 844- 872- 8269 or visit www.vmedia.ca and see all our plans and prices!


The introduction of IPTV has changed the way we in Canada and around the world view Television today as IPTV opens a whole new world of entertainment and brings the best experiences straight to your home  and is fast replacing the more traditional Satellite and Cable TV as a viewing option. IPTV is streamed via the internet and all over the world people are changing to this more modern way of watching TV. VMedia are providing IPTV very successfully since 2013 and are very excited to announce their expansion of their IPTV service to Saskatchewan and the Prince Albert area very soon! VMedia have the Technical capability and the most modern Technology to provide a superior IPTV with a wide variety of top Canadian, US and Multinational channels, all streamed via a set top box called The VBox, bringing all the channels, news, sport, films, kids, games and much more. The VBox also acts as a browser giving instant access to The Web, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Netflix, YouTube, Plex , XBMC and 100’s of apps to keep all ages informed and entertained.

VCloud and PVR are among the functions of the VBox, allowing recording and a seven day “scroll back” option so you never miss your favourite programmes and PVR to record, rewind, pause, stop or fast forward a recorded programme – adding more flexibility and enjoyment – only from VMedia!

VMedia offer fantastic Packages and Theme Packs giving the lowest prices in Canada today and making us the most popular IPTV Company in recent years.

Starting with “TheSkinny” – offering 30+ channels for an amazing $17.95/month, “The Basic” – offering 40+ channels for only $29.95/month.

And “The Premium Basic” – offering 60+ for only $44.95/month.

Other Packages include Family HD, The Disney, Hollywood Suite, ATN News 18, Sportsnet1 and 2, TVA Sports, Style, Lifestyle, Knowledge and many more!

With UChoose from VMedia you can pick and choose from over 170 standalones and create your own personal viewing experiences, all from only $1.50 per channel! – Nobody beats these prices!

Click here to see all channels, Packages and Theme Packs.


The invention of the phone has been one of the most important and essential invention of modern times, opening up communication all over the world and making our life so much easier, it has become an indispensable part of daily living. VMedia are excited to bring its superior Phone service to the people of Prince Albert who deserve a modern and reliable service with a powerful network backed up by our Technical Support Team who are available seven days a week to keep everyone talking – with no contracts and no small print!

Our calling rates and prices are low making VMedia the new and popular choice when choosing a Phone Company:

With Home Phone you get low monthly rates, no contracts and the first month free!

With Unlimited Canada you get unlimited calling all over Canada and reduced calls elsewhere for only$14.95/month.

With Unlimited World you get unlimited calling to over 60 countries worldwide and reduced calls elsewhere for only $24.95/month.

We are really delighted to offer these amazing prices to our new customers in Prince Albert.

For more information why not call our Sales Team at 1-844-872-8269.

Or visit www.vmedia.ca

2017 will bring a new era of communication and entertainment thanks to VMedia and we promise the best services at the lowest prices. Our Staff are dedicated and committed to making VMedia the best Multimedia Company in Canada and putting you our customer first –


Call our Sales Team today at 1-844-872-8269 or visit www.vmedia.ca

See you soon in Prince Albert!