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VMedia is coming to Melfort Saskatchewan


Melfort is a small but developing city in the Carrot River valley, an area of scenic and natural beauty, with agriculture-based industries and farming and crops playing a big part of the local economy, as well as a large diamond exploration site, and many growing and developing commercial and retail businesses, with an all year round range of outdoor activities to explore and enjoy – the city was called “Play Melfort” in 2016 due to its vast amount of recreation programmes in the area.

Melfort will soon see the arrival of VMedia, the highly successful and innovative Multimedia Company that will provide High Speed Internet, IPTV and Phone services to the city and surrounding community as part of its National Expansion Plan for Saskatchewan and other regions in Canada.

VMedia offer a new and exciting entertainment and communications service never seen before due to its ultra-modern Technology, range of choices and really low prices waiting to be enjoyed by all. We only employ the most highly skilled and friendly Staff and our mission is to provide Melfort with a top quality Internet, IPTV and Phone service that is modern and reliable and our Company offer the best and lowest prices anywhere in Canada today and beating all our competitors in terms of value for money and really awesome Customer Care – the key to our success!

VMedia are excited to locate to Melfort and the surrounding area and will bring a new economic boost to the local economy as well as improving the entertainment and communications Technology giving the people of Melfort what they deserve – the best – only from VMedia!


The Internet plays a huge part in all aspects of modern life in Canada and all over the world every day at home, work, education, business and trade, for information, communication and socialization and  VMedia are providing Internet services since 2013 with outstanding success and popularity connecting thousands  of homes with a reliable network, fast speeds and a highly skilled Technical Team who continue to upgrade and improve the network, enabling us to provide an excellent High Speed Internet with no limits, no contracts and no small print.

VMedia offer a variety of Internet plans especially design to meet your daily needs and budget and our friendly Sales team will advise and assess your Location and then offer the best and most appropriate plan – currently we offer Cable Internet in the Saskatchewan region.

VMedia also provides a Technical Support Team seven days a week to keep everyone connected, informed and entertained – our promise to you!

Click here to see our Internet plans and prices.


The invention and development of IPTV has brought a new way of viewing Television in Canada and across the world today bringing endless possibilities in entertainment choices. IPTV has gained huge popularity in recent years thanks to the increased availability of the Internet in most countries and the continued improvement and advances in Technology today. VMedia entered the IPTV Market determined to bring this new IPTV service to its customers who wanted a change from the more traditional Satellite and Cable TV option and has had phenomenal success due to its amazing Technology, choice of entertainment and the lowest prices in Canada.

We are delighted to offer IPTV to the population in and around Melfort and be part of this developing city and community offering a fresh new Television service with many new channels, shows and Technology never seen before at low prices for everyone.

IPTV is streamed via the Internet through an IPTV box called the VBox bringing a huge amount of Canadian, US and Multinational channels and shows, news, sport, music, films, kids, games and much more. The VBox also acts as a browser allowing instant access to The Web, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Netflix, Plex, XBMC, Instagram, Picasa and 100’s of apps to suit all ages and interests.

VCloud and PVR are also functions of the VBox allowing recording and a seven day “scroll back“ option so you never miss your favourite programmes and PVR to rewind, pause, stop or fast forward a recorded programme – allowing even more flexibility and enjoyment – only from VMedia!

At VMedia our Packages and Theme Packs are immensely popular with our customers because they offer excellent choices, flexible options and really low prices – starting with “TheSkinny” offering 18+ channels at an amazing price of only $17.95/month and currently the best value Package in Canada today. Other Packages include “The Basic” – offering 40+ channels for only $29.95/month and “The Premium Basic” – offering 60+ channels for only $44.95/month.

The incredible value at VMedia continues with our Theme Packs also offering a vast range of channels for all ages including Kids Pack, Family Pack, Hollywood Suite, Supernews, SportsFan, Sports Man, Multinational, Style, Knowledge and many more.

With UChoose from VMedia you can create your own personal viewing experiences as you can pick and choose from 170 standalones and at prices from as low as $1.50 per channel – amazing value and choice only from VMedia!

Click here for list of channels and all Packages, Theme Packs and prices.


At VMedia our Phone Network is rapidly growing to reach every corner of Canada and the world due to our advanced Technology and we are excited to be connecting in Saskatchewan and the Melfort area very soon to give the people a modern and reliable Phone service with very low calling rates that has made us so popular today. Thousands of people across Canada enjoy our popular Phone service and are amazed at the outstanding value for money VMedia offer, all with no contracts and no small print.

With Home Phone you get low monthly plans, no contracts and the first month free.

With Unlimited Canada you get unlimited calling all over Canada and reduced calls elsewhere for only $14.95/month.

With Unlimited World you get unlimited calling to over 60 countries worldwide and reduced calls elsewhere for only $24.95/month.

These prices reflect VMedia’s ongoing commitment to keep prices low while providing the best Phone service in Canada today.

Click here to see all Phone features and Phone plans.

Our continued success at VMedia is due to our loyal customers who are enjoying the best Internet, IPTV and Phone services and we are very happy to locate in Melfort very soon, Our Staff work hard every day to ensure you get the best from VMedia and our Technical Support Team are available seven days a week – that’s awesome Customer Care – only from VMedia!

Why not call VMedia today at 1-844-872-8269 or visit www.vmedia.ca and see all our services, deals, bundles, prices and current special offers.

See you soon in Melfort!

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