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VMedia is coming to Meadow Lake Saskatchewan


Meadow Lake is a busy and thriving city situated in Saskatchewan in an area of sheer scenic beauty and surrounded by lush pastures and arable lands with the local economy supported by forestry, agriculture, farming including cereal production, tourism and an is an important business, commercial and retail centre for the local population, providing excellent employment opportunities and a popular tourist location to explore and enjoy all year round. This area in Saskatchewan is undergoing great industrial, agricultural and business developments and a new and exciting addition to the economic growth will be the arrival of VMedia, the celebrated Multimedia Company currently enjoying outstanding success in the provision of top quality High Speed Internet, IPTV and Phone services in the Ontario region since 2013 and now expanding to other regions including Saskatchewan and the Meadow Lake area very soon. VMedia is a highly innovative Company with the most up to date technology and highly professional Staff bringing the best services with great choices and really low prices that have made them so popular in Canada today. VMedia cares about its customers and will give the residents of the Meadow Lake area a modern and reliable High Speed Internet and Phone service that they deserve in 2016 and beyond. Technology is changing around the world every day and VMedia has the capability and technology to meet those changes and always keep up to date to provide the best services always. Meadow Lake will benefit socially and economically, thanks to our arrival, and our new customers will have superb services and more money in their pockets when they avail of our famously low prices and offers.


The Internet can be described as the superhighway of information, communication and entertainment in the busy world we all live in today, so when looking for the best internet provider in Canada – try VMedia. At VMedia we possess a powerful combination of technical capability, reliable Technology and the best Staff in Canada to connect the people of Meadow lake with our premium High Speed Internet and provide a reliable, robust service keeping the industrial, business, farming and residential communities at really low prices with a range of internet plans to suit everyone’s daily requirements and to satisfy all budgets. Our huge success in the Ontario region can be attributed to keeping costs and prices low and standards high, with a really reliable Network that is continuously being improved and upgraded and our Technical staff are available seven days a week to keep everyone connected – our promise from VMedia.

We have a superb variety of internet plans designed with you in mind – they reflect our commitment to giving the best value and choice combined with the lowest prices, beating many of our competitors to bring you an internet service you will enjoy and depend on for your everyday needs – all at the best prices – only from VMedia!

Our internet plans will depend on location, usage and needs and currently VMedia will offer DSL and cable, giving choices and great prices. Our Sales Team will help, advise and assess needs and location then give the prices to match. Thousands of happy customers already enjoy our Internet service so we will welcome our new customers in Meadow Lake and assure them of the best service, prices and awesome customer care – only from VMedia!


The phone is one of the most popular inventions of our time allowing us instant communication with family and friends all over Canada and the world, playing a major role in every aspect of the business and home life everywhere, and an absolute necessity for everyday living. The Phone Market in Canada has many challenges and VMedia Phones are a great success story, with a superb range of plans and great prices to keep everyone talking for longer, all with no contracts and no small print!

With Home Phone you get low monthly rates, no contracts and the first month free.

With Unlimited Canada you get unlimited calling all over Canada and reduced calls elsewhere for only $14.95/month.

With Unlimited World you get unlimited calling to over 60 countries worldwide and reduced calls elsewhere for only $24.95/month.

There prices represent what VMedia do best – low prices, great value and great choices.

Our Technical Teams work every day throughout the year to ensure a quality network and service is available and in excellent working order to meet the high standards that our customers expect and deserve – only from VMedia.

At VMedia our vision for the future is to continue our success story and grow with our customers to reach every town and city in our wonderful country and give the very best services a Multimedia Company can offer, together with awesome customer care and the most competitive and lowest prices anywhere in Canada today and in the future going forward. We look forward to being in Meadow Lake very soon and will promise our new customers the newest and most exciting Internet and Phone services ever – all from VMedia!

Our friendly and experienced Sales Team are waiting to take your call today. They will give all information on our Internet and Phone services, all plans, prices and current special offers. Call today at 1-844-872-8269 or visit www.vmedia.ca

See you soon in Meadow Lake!

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