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VMedia is coming to Fredericton New Brunswick


The historic and colourful city of Fredericton is located in the province of New Brunswick and is a city bisected by the magnificent Saint-John River, a city situated in an area of immense natural beauty surrounded by amazing wildlife, parks – including Odell Park, Killarney Lake Park, Carleton Park – forests, rivers, trails and a huge variety of outdoor activities and places to explore and enjoy all year round. This bustling city boasts a vibrant and diverse art and cultural community with its galleries, artists, festivals and the famous Historic Garrison District and The Playhouse hosting the city’s many cultural events for all ages. Fredericton has universities and colleges attracting thousands of students from all over Canada and abroad to study in this energetic and friendly city.

Fredericton will soon see the arrival of VMedia, the highly successful and popular Multimedia company providing High Speed Internet, IPTV and Phone services since 2013 and offer amazingly low prices, great choices and awesome customer care that have made VMedia so popular with millions of happy customers across Canada. VMedia plan to operate in Fredericton and the surrounding communities from January 2018 and our passion for innovation drives us to develop and expand our great company to every city and town across Canada in the future going forward. Our success at VMedia is measured by our Technical excellence, highly skilled Staff, and our famously low prices and we look forward to delivering the best Internet, IPTV and Phone services to our new customers who deserve the best entertainment and communication services from us – our promise from VMedia!


The Internet affects and facilitates nearly every aspect of daily life here in Canada and all over the world. In this modern age of connectivity the quality and speed of your internet is critical in your ability to work, study or play and from January 2018 VMedia will offer a brand new High Speed Internet to Fredericton and the surrounding communities as we push the boundaries of speed and reliability to deliver Internet with no contracts, no limits and a range of Internet Plans to suit all budgets. VMedia have invested in a modern and robust network backed up by our staff who work seven days a week to keep you connected. We will offer DSL, FTTN or Cable options and our friendly Sales Team will assess your daily needs and location then match it with our lowest prices to suit every budget. We promise our low prices cannot be beaten!

Connect with the best – VMedia!

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IPTV is 21’st century TV and is fast becoming the new way of watching TV in our homes across Canada and worldwide. IPTV is gaining popularity as customers embrace the digital age and move away from the more traditional Satellite and Cable TV to enjoy new experiences thanks to the popularity and availability of IPTV opening up a whole new and exciting world of TV entertainment never seen before. VMedia have successfully operated it’s IPTV service since 2013 in Ontario and our Company is growing and expanding across Canada and will soon be in New Brunswick and Fredericton to offer a premium IPTV service with endless choices and really low prices to our new customers. IPTV is streamed via the Internet to your home via an IPTV box called the VBox bringing top quality channels and shows from Canada, the US and worldwide. The VBox acts as a browser allowing instant access to The Web, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Netflix, Plex, XBMC, Instagram, Picasa and 100’s of apps for all ages and interests.

VCloud and PVR are also features of the VBox allowing recording and a seven day “scroll back“ option so you never miss your favourite programmes and PVR to pause, rewind, stop or fast-forward recorded programmes – adding extra flexibility at no extra cost – only from VMedia!

Our new customers in Fredericton will enjoy our Packages and Theme Packs as we offer a vast amount of the best channels and shows to suit all ages and budgets – all at low prices!

Our most popular Package is called TheSkinny – offering 30 + channels for an amazing $17.95/month – Canada’s lowest priced Package!

Other Packages include The Basic – offering 44 channels with all major Canadian and US networks for only $12.00/month for the first 3 months and then $29.95/month.

The Premium Basic offer 70 channels for $27.00/month for the first 3 months then $44.95/ month.

Our incredible value at VMedia continues with our Theme Packs – catering for all ages and interests, choose from Family Pack, Kids Pack, Super Channel, Hollywood Suite, Sports Fan, Style, Living, Disney Pack and much more – all at really low prices!

With UChoose you can create your own personal viewing experience by choosing from over 160 channels and inventing your own TV entertainment and with prices as low as $2.95 and up – the more you buy, the less you pay!

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A phone is the most commonly used communication tool in every home and business across Canada and all over the world allowing instant connection and communication and VMedia will soon offer the communities in and around Fredericton a new, reliable and modern phone service with the lowest prices imaginable in Canada today. Since entering the highly competitive Phone Market in 2013, VMedia has gone from strength to strength, thanks to it’s superior Technology and network and its highly skilled Staff the people of Canada have been set free to communicate with everyone at home and abroad for less. We are continuing to develop, expand and upgrade our network, keeping up with technology advancements and strive every day to make our company the number One Phone provider in Canada. Our dedication and determination keeps us focused on providing a reliable phone service with low call rates and superb Phone Plans to suit everyone. We are really happy to expand our phone network to New Brunswick and the Fredericton area from January and we promise to deliver the best for less!

Check out these Phone Plans from VMedia:

With Home Phone you get low monthly bills, 15 super Phone Features, no contracts and the first month free.

With Unlimited Canada you get unlimited calling all over Canada and reduced calls elsewhere for only $14.95/month.

With Unlimited World you get unlimited calling to over 60 countries and reduced calls elsewhere for only $24.95/month.

Incredible value to keep you talking – only from VMedia!

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At VMedia we are excited to locate in Fredericton in January 2018 and look forward to offering our new customers a new, modern and reliable Internet, IPTV and Phone service with the most up-to date futuristic Technology, highly skilled Technical support seven days a week, awesome customer care from our friendly and experienced Sales Team and most of all – our best and lowest prices that has made our Company so popular in Canada today. Why not call our Sales Team today at 1-855-333-8269 or visit www.vmedia.ca and see all our current deals, bundles, packages and current special offers and all our amazing prices.

See you soon in Fredericton!

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