VMedia Saved Me!

About $60/month. The problem with these forums is you typically only hear from the ones who have had a bad experience, so it can be a little misleading. Time for me to chime in...

VMedia is a relatively young company that is trying to establish itself as a true alternative for individuals looking to get out of long term contracts and high prices with conventional ISP's and cable providers.

Fed up with continuous rising costs, I finally ended a thirteen year relationship with Rogers and went to VMedia. I have absolutely NO regrets! With careful consideration, planning and being mindful of the type of devices I was going to be using, I took the plunge.

You must remember that all the devices ie: laptops, computers, V-boxes, tablets and netbooks will tax your bandwidth, so choose your package wisely. I calculated worst case scenario made my choice and have had zero issues. We are a family of four, each with our own laptops plus two desktops and two TV's, granted not all going at the same time. It sounds like many of the posters on this forum have failed this step, and that is hardly VMedia's fault.

Internet Service:

Does the download speeds drop a little during prime-time? Yes, a little... big deal! While watching HDTV and my son on Steam, I had to download a 50mb file yesterday at supper time on my laptop, it took 3 minutes! Is that a deal breaker... Nope! Surfing the internet has never been a problem at any time of the day.

TV Service:

The TV service is very good. Is HD equal to Rogers... maybe not quite, but it is almost impossible to discern the difference, and I have a 65" plasma TV. If you are a videophile, it might irritate you a little. This is not a problem for me.

Customer Service:

When I set-up my two VBoxes, I had an issue with one of the boxes and needed to call customer support. Couldn't get the box to co-operate. Turned out it was an issue with the MAC address. I was calm and polite to the CSR and likewise they were all too happy to walk me through the setup then go through some of the features with me. They were very polite and thanked me for my business. You only need to review this forum to see the CEO personally reply to these posts to show that they appreciate their customers!

VMedia is growing and always trying to give its customers more value, and that sometimes backfires, but they are always striving to improve itself and are quick to correct their mistakes.

IPTV is a young and emerging technology and will continue to suffer some growing pains like all new technologies before it.

VMedia is a worth serious consideration if you want relief from the high costs of Bell, Rogers or Shaw!

Thank You George for giving us an option!

tnl4ever, DSL Reports
February, 2015