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TheSkinny TV package represents a whole new era in TV choice. TheSkinny is the lowest priced, basic package available in Canada today, and the perfect foundation for your own personalized TV line-up. Key channels including all the major Canadian and US networks: CBC, CTV, Global, CHCH, CITY, TVO, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and PBS, and more!

Start with TheSkinny, and then select from among our many theme packs and individual channels in our UChoose Store.

VMedia is proud to be the leader in providing you with more choice and flexibility in TV services, low prices and innovative entertainment features.
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Best of Live TV – Any Internet

Stream VMedia live TV on your Roku streaming player or Roku TV with any internet service provider!

Enjoy up to 20 channels and get live sports, latest news and hit shows. Sign up to our 7 day FREE TV Trial on your Roku device and watch our Skinny TV package*. Only $17.95/month, no annual contract and no installation.

cbc Global CITY ABC cbs cnbc fox pbs weather
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* Local channels are available only in their respective regions. CTV and CTV2 not available yet in Skinny without VMedia Internet. Access to all VMedia channels available on Roku if with VMedia Internet service.