VCloud TV — Fast Access to All Your Favourite Shows!

VMedia’s innovative live TV streaming service includes our popular VCloud feature or "Scroll-Back" TV where you can watch any show aired within the past week on a large number of channels, including all the major Canadian and US television networks, as well as a large number of multicultural channels.

With our unique VCloud platform, you never have to worry about missing your favourite shows or remembering to record. Watch when you want. Simply scroll back in the week in the TV Guide, select your show, and it’s up on your screen. That fast, that cool. No waiting time for clunky download.

Our list of VCloud TV channels where you can access any show (yes any TV show!) within the past seven days includes CTV, CBC, Global, CityTV, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS, CW23, MyTV, TVO, CHCH, Yes TV, CTV2Barrie, CBC Ottawa, CBC Windsor, OMNI1 and OMNI2, as well as specialty channels, like Silver Screen Classics, Rewind, Travel & Escape, Smithsonian, HIFI, Love Nature, BBC Earth, Cottage Life and OUTtv. French channels such as ICI, TVA are also included as well as an extensive menu of multicultural channels. For a complete list of our VCloud channels, check out our Channel Info page.

So enjoy all the latest episodes of top series and quick access to lots of programing to choose from — they are always in the cloud with VMedia.

VCloud TV — TV on your time.

VCloud TV is a great innovation for TV Viewers

  • Quick and easy access
  • Huge selection of TV content
  • Never miss your favourite shows
  • No need to remember to record
  • No storage limits — access to all programs from the past 7 days

Activating and Using VCloud TV

A few steps, but they are quick and intuitive

  1. During you initial device setup, you will see the configuration screens. Please go through them.
  2. After logging in to your account, the VCloud configuration pages should appear. The first screen will provide a short description of VCloud TV, the second will request your approval, and the third will prompt you to choose channels that you would like to have recorded for you.
  3. Select your channels by turning them "ON" and we will start recording shows from that time on.
  4. Once you have gone through these steps, you can watch anything that you have authorized for recording for up to seven days.

Using your VCloud TV

  • Once you have been set up and we are recording for you, use the TV Guide to find a recorded show, click on it, and watch!
  • Hitting the FF "FF" or RW "RW" buttons on your Remote takes you forward or back 24 hours to quickly find the day and show you are looking for. If you hit it twice, it will take you back two days and so on.
  • When you scroll back, recorded shows which you can watch will appear in the TV Guide with a small "Play" icon.
  • You can also search by the Search "Search" button on the Remote or by hitting "Search" in the "Main Menu". This will show all references to the show, but you can filter for only recorded shows by hitting the "Green" button on your Remote.

One item to note
If you change your channel list, and turn a channel "OFF", you will no longer have access to past shows on that channel. If you turn that channel back "ON", you will see content from the time that you turn it back on only.