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Bell Wants The Federal Government To Give It a Monopoly On Internet Service

Act Now to Avoid Higher Prices and Less Choice. Here is What You Can Do! April 5, 2016 – In a recent blog post, VMedia notified our customers about a crucial matter currently before the Federal Cabinet. Briefly, Bell Canada has submitted a petition to the Federal Cabinet asking it to roll back the CRTC’s […]

New TV Rules – Update!

Recently VMedia provided an outline of how our TV packages and offerings would change as we absorb the new rules that the CRTC introduced, effective March 1. Since then VMedia’s competitors have revealed their packaging changes and their skinny basic packages, and there has been quite a bit of coverage in the media. VMedia is […]

The New TV Rules: VMedia Explains it All For You

As many of you are aware, as of March 1, the Canadian TV landscape will undergo significant changes which will affect all Canadians. These changes result from decisions made by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (the CRTC) arising out of the “Let’s Talk TV” policy review process. The main changes focus on: Allowing TV […]

VMedia Files Submission Opposing Bell’s Petition to Cabinet

VMedia today filed with the Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet its submission opposing a petition to Cabinet by BCE Inc. (Bell Canada). Bell Canada’s petition, a highly unusual procedural step, asks Cabinet to roll back the recent decision by the CRTC to give VMedia and other independent internet service providers […]

VMedia Intervenes In New CRTC Costing Process

As many people who are concerned about fair internet prices know, the CRTC recently launched a new proceeding to examine the costing inputs that go into the tariffs which companies like VMedia have to pay to get wholesale access to the big players’ internet facilities. In keeping with our mission to be a leader in […]

VMedia and Fair Internet Pricing

As many of our subscribers know, an important process has been underway before the CRTC, concerning the framework for wholesale access to internet services. It is this framework which, through regulations and tariffs enforced by the CRTC, allows companies like VMedia to be able to acquire bandwidth from the incumbent telcos like Rogers and Bell, […]

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