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VMedia Launches Fund Raising to Defend Against Bell

As you may have seen in the media and our Facebook posts, Bell has demanded that VMedia remove CTV and CTV2 channels from our new live TV streaming service which we recently introduced on ROKU Players. This does not affect VMedia TV with VMedia internet and only applies to TheSkinny without VMedia internet. VMedia launched […]

Bell Wants The Federal Government To Give It a Monopoly On Internet Service

Act Now to Avoid Higher Prices and Less Choice. Here is What You Can Do! April 5, 2016 – In a recent blog post, VMedia notified our customers about a crucial matter currently before the Federal Cabinet. Briefly, Bell Canada has submitted a petition to the Federal Cabinet asking it to roll back the CRTC’s […]

VMedia and Fair Internet Pricing

As many of our subscribers know, an important process has been underway before the CRTC, concerning the framework for wholesale access to internet services. It is this framework which, through regulations and tariffs enforced by the CRTC, allows companies like VMedia to be able to acquire bandwidth from the incumbent telcos like Rogers and Bell, […]

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