Bell, Cable Carriers’ Petitions Mislead Cabinet: VMedia

VMedia Response to Petitions Exposes Gross Inaccuracies Toronto, February 27, 2020 – VMedia Inc. has submitted an objection to petitions by Bell Canada and Canada’s major cable carriers to the Governor in Council, which ask the Federal Cabinet to maintain internet prices at levels which the CRTC has determined are unjust and unreasonable. In its […]

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VMedia TV Free Preview: Rewind

We are pleased to offer you a Free Preview of Rewind (#331) from now to February 29, 2020.   Rewind (#331) gives viewers a curated throwback movie experience. Relive the moment you first saw flying DeLoreans, bullet-time blockbusters, Scottish junkies, and charismatic cannibals. Rediscover the characters, quotes, and plot twists that defined pop culture today. […]

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VMedia TV Free Preview: Silver Screen Classics

Step into the golden age of movies with Silver Screen Classics. VMedia TV is bringing you a Free Preview of Silver Screen Classics (#324) from now until February 29, 2020! Silver Screen Classics (#324) is the only Canadian TV channel specializing in classic films, bringing you legendary movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Fred Astaire, Marilyn Monroe, Ginger Rogers, Charlie Chaplin, Sophia […]

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Crave + Movies + HBO – Free Preview!

Crave + Movies + HBO is on Free Preview starting tomorrow through to Feb. 17, 2020!  Our Valentine’s Day gift to you.  Six premium channels with acclaimed movies and the hottest series – in HD, uncut and commercial free. Here are a few of the show you can enjoy for Free on Crave + Movies + […]

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Fight for Lower Internet Prices

At VMedia, as you know, our mission is to provide the most affordable prices, the best choice and flexibility, dedicated consumer advocacy and innovative services for all Canadians. We need your help in the ongoing fight for affordable Internet prices. In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of what is going on […]

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Cable VS FTTN Internet, what’s the difference?

When researching the various home internet service options available, you will likely come across the terms FTTN and Cable. Though the two options differ, they both can be a good choice for your home. FTTN Internet The acronym FTTN is short for Fiber to the Node or Neighborhood, FTTN is simply the method of which […]

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Yale Report Lets Down Canadian Consumers: VMedia

Yale Report Lets Down Canadian Consumers: VMedia Telecom Recommendation Anti-Competitive and Entrenches Duopolies Toronto, January 30, 2020 – VMedia Inc. believes it is important to comment on the disregard for Canadian consumers, and the costs Canadian families have to bear in obtaining quality telecommunications services, reflected in the report issued yesterday by The Broadcasting and […]

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Upcoming Award Shows to Watch!

Award season is in full swing and Hollywood’s biggest stars are walking the red carpet to honor this year’s best in movies, television and music. With the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards now done, the excitement is building for these upcoming TV events. Here’s your guide to what to watch on VMedia TV. […]

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How Much Internet Speed Do You Really Need?

Ever wonder about your internet speed and whether you need higher internet speeds for streaming? The right high speed internet plan is driven by what you and other members of your family or household are doing on the Internet. Whether you’re streaming movies, jamming to the latest hits or gaming online, your internet speed matters. […]

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Joyeuse Fêtes de VMedia!

VMedia et son équipe aimeraient profiter de cette occasion pour souhaiter à tous ses abonnés ainsi qu’à leur famille de joyeuses fêtes. Alors que 2019 tire à sa fin et que nous nous préparons à entamer une nouvelle année, nous continuerons à chercher tous les jours à offrir à nos clients un excellent service à […]

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