VMedia First With ‘Pick a Pack’ TV Channels

  VMedia’s UChoose Store Unique in Ontario TORONTO, Ontario, December 9, 2013 — VMedia is pleased to announce the launch of the first ‘pick a pack’ TV option now available to consumers in Ontario. Offering unmatched choice and flexibility, VMedia’s unique, online UChoose Store features over 60 terrific channels available as standalones, and over 40 […]

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VMedia TV – 40 New Channels and VOD!

Welcome back everyone, back to work, back to school, back to sweaters and jackets– back to real life! Since we’ll all be spending more time indoors, VMedia is pleased to announce that we are releasing our remaining Theme Packs. We can now offer you seven terrific new packages – Entertainment, SportsFan and Sportsman* (individually, or […]

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VMedia’s George Burger on The Agenda, Discussing the Wireless Spectrum Auction

The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO’s award-winning current affairs programme, featured a spirited debate on Thursday, September 26, on the subject of the 700MHz spectrum auction, and the Big Three’s opposition to the process. The Big Three being of course Bell, Rogers and Telus, in their roles as wireless services. The panel was made up […]

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LeafsTV HD – Let The Games Begin

Hello to all you Leafs fans out there in VMedialand! Good news, we have wrapped our heads around the way to deliver LeafsTVHD to you, and are pleased to announce that starting tonight, September 27, VMedia will be delivering Toronto Maple Leafs games to you that are shown on LeafsTVHD. You can find LeafsTVHD on […]

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Meet The VBOX

We have launched a new page dedicated to VBOX. The VBox turns your home TV into an internet-enabled, entertainment portal with easy access to all kinds of internet content – movies, music, apps, games, social media and more. Whether it’s watching movies on Netflix or chatting with friends on Facebook, VMedia has it all. And […]

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VMedia Blasts Off!

Thanks everyone for your patience, but we really believe the wait has been worth it. With our launch, VMedia clearly establishes itself as not just as the most innovative TV service in Ontario, but also as the one offering the best value and choice. Highlights of Our Launch: • Premium Basic Plus – Finally! • […]

Strategic partnership with Canada Computers

Hi All, We are really pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Canada Computers, one of Canada’s leading electronics retailer. For those of you who want to check out VMedia’s ‘TV channels and web content’ experience and our unique VBox, here’s your opportunity. We’ll be setting up live VBox Demos and Info Kiosks in 16 […]

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Get a Sneak Preview of a Great New Series on TMN from Showtime: “Ray Donovan”

Hi everyone, one of the special perks of being in this business is the proximity to exceptional talent and a chance to preview great new series from broadcasters like Showtime. TMN – The Movie Network has just let us know that we can all watch the first episode of the new crime thriller Ray Donovan, […]

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VMedia Blog Launch

Hi everyone, it’s our pleasure to launch the VMedia blog with our first submission, announcing the introduction of our new Main Menu interface. We are launching our VBlog with the best of intentions. I say best intentions because we would like to make new entries every couple of weeks, and there is nothing worse than […]

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