Hollywood Suite Rebrands Its Four Movie Channels

Hollywood Suite, home of the movies that shaped the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s rebranded its four movie channels. Now called Hollywood Suite 70s (channel # 446), Hollywood Suite 80s (channel # 447), Hollywood Suite 90s (channel # 448), and Hollywood Suite 00s (channel # 449), replacing Warner Films, MGM, AXN Movies and Sony Movies. […]

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Win 1 Month FREE Service From VMedia!

Take a selfie with VMedia’s new ad in the TTC subway and you could win!  Ads are by the doors so hard to miss. Post the picture of you with the ad on Facebook, tag #VMedia TV in your post and we’ll enter you into a draw to win one month FREE service from VMedia. […]

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VMedia Gets TVA Sports HD – And the Canadiens!

VMedia is very excited to announce that we are launching TVA Sports HD as of today! It will be available in both our SportsMan and SportsFan packages, as well as through our UChoose store on a standalone channel, or as part of any of our UChoose pick a packs. How is that for choice and […]

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A Street Car Named VMedia

Win 1 Month Free Service! Check out VMedia’s advertising campaign on Toronto streetcars!  Great billboard effect featuring our key message of “Real Value, Real Choice” and low starter price of $47.90/month for both TV and Internet. And of course – no data limits, no contracts. Just lots of cool TV features! Here’s the contest: If […]

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Hollywood Suite – 3 Months Free!

Sign up to Hollywood Suite today with 4 terrific movie channels and we will give you 3 months FREE! So if you are a movie lover and want the best in drama, comedy, action and adventure movies, then Hollywood Suite is for you. Four HD channels – unedited and no commercials – from box office […]

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Changes to Kids Channels

There will be some changes to certain kids channels which VMedia carries. These changes result primarily from a change in the relationship between Canadian broadcasters and The Walt Disney Company. Until recently, Disney had an agreement to supply Family Channel, DisneyJr. and DisneyXD, owned by DHX Media Inc., with TV shows, and to licence the […]

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Incumbent Consultants Target VMedia, Fire Blanks

There has recently been a discussion in The Financial Post about regulating the internet. More specifically the discussion is about giving independent internet service providers like VMedia access to incumbent facilities and on fair terms so that they can offer consumers more choice and competitive pricing in internet service. Terence Corcoran, an editor of the Post, kicked […]

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VMedia Champions More Choice

Last week The National Post, in its Financial Post section, criticized the CRTC for its decision to grant independent internet service providers access to the fibre to the premises facilities that are being rolled out across Canada. That article referred to VMedia, as an ISP that wanted to “cash in” on the new facilities. As […]

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VMedia Intervenes In New CRTC Costing Process

As many people who are concerned about fair internet prices know, the CRTC recently launched a new proceeding to examine the costing inputs that go into the tariffs which companies like VMedia have to pay to get wholesale access to the big players’ internet facilities. In keeping with our mission to be a leader in […]

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VMedia Launches TheSkinny™!

The First CRTC-Compliant “Skinny” Basic TV Package in Canada! VMedia is pleased to announce the launch of its new basic TV package, TheSkinny™, on Thursday, June 4, becoming the first broadcasting distribution undertaking (BDU) to offer Canadians the “skinny” basic package that the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has required BDUs to provide by March, […]

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