VMedia Launches Sportsnet Regional Channels!

For all you sports fans out there – and who isn’t – we have great news! SportsnetEast, SportsnetWest and SportsnetPacific are now available, all in HD, from VMedia! VMedia is adding these three great regional channels to our Premium Basic TV Package, as well as to the SportsFan and SportsMan sports theme packs. Together with […]

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VMedia Launches Blue Ant Channels on VCloud TV

First Specialty Channels Available on Cloud PVR in Canada TORONTO, Ontario, January 22, 2015 – Blue Ant Media today becomes to the first specialty channel group to allow its programming to be stored in the cloud, for later viewing, on VMedia‘s VCloud TV. Viewers will now be able to watch all of their favourite shows […]

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VMedia and Fair Internet Pricing

As many of our subscribers know, an important process has been underway before the CRTC, concerning the framework for wholesale access to internet services. It is this framework which, through regulations and tariffs enforced by the CRTC, allows companies like VMedia to be able to acquire bandwidth from the incumbent telcos like Rogers and Bell, […]

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News from VMedia!

VMedia Introduces ! VMedia is very excited to announce the launch of our new PVR (BETA) function, one that will allow you to record any show, at any time, on any channels that you have subscribed for! This is a Beta release, so more features and improvements will be coming. This PVR function, which we […]

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VMedia TV Launches Remote App.

Use Your Tablet as Your TV Remote! VMedia TV announces the launch of its new TV remote control app! Our remote app allows you to control your VBox through any android tablet. Lots of cool features provide a very convenient way to search, select, and launch any TV, VOD or VCloud TV show. Just download […]

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VMedia Launches TLC HD!

The best value Premium Basic package just got better! In response to subscriber demand, VMedia is launching one of the most popular specialty channels in the world, TLC, in HD – today! TLC is the second-highest rated US specialty channel in Canada, behind only A&E, and features many of the best lifestyle and reality shows […]

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New Channels, New Channel Numbers!

VMedia is in the process of expanding our channel lineup and enhancing our services. Last week we upgraded CNN and Headline News (HLN) to HD, and this week we added WNLO HD (The CW) and WNYO HD (MyTVNetwork) from Buffalo to our Basic TV Package. There is more to come! To accommodate these additions, there […]

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WNLO HD and WNYO HD – Two US Channels Added to VMedia’s Premium Basic & Basic TV Packages and VCloudTV PVR!

We are pleased to announce the launch of WNLO HD and WNYO HD, two Buffalo-based TV channels affiliated with US networks, that will be added to our Premium Basic/Basic packages. WNLO HD is part of the CW Network, and WNYO HD is part of the MyTV Network. They are also added to our list of […]

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CNN and Headline News – Now in Beautiful HD!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of CNN HD and  Headline News HD. VMedia’s Premium Basic package, already a great value, has just gotten better! Now you can watch your favourite CNN personalities, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Fareed Zakaria and Candy Crowley, and of course the delightful Nancy Grace […]

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Five TSN Channels!

Over the next six weeks VMedia will be introducing upgrades and new services to its great channel lineup. The first of these is the introduction of a revamped TSN experience. The TSN package, which until now has consisted of two channels, TSN and TSN2, will now expand to five. VMedia is adding three new regional […]

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