VMedia’s Rewards – Refer a Friend and Save!

Do you know about VMedia’s easy to share Rewards program?

You can quickly earn credits on your VMedia account and save when you refer friends and family to VMedia. And when your contact signs up for any of our services, we will give you and that new subscriber each a $25 credit

Plus, we have set up VMedia Rewards so that it is very easy to refer. Just share your personalized promo code  (available in your My Account) with your friends and family and start saving.

Here’s How It Works

Share your personal promo code with friends and family on social media, via email or even person to person. Anyone that uses your code when signing up to any of VMedia’s services receives a discount of $25 immediately. Once your friend’s first billing cycle is complete, and they become a VMedia customer, you will see a $25 credit on your bill.

  • Share your Promo Code with Friends & Family
  • Your Friends Sign Up using your Promo Code
  • You Both are Rewarded with a $25.00 Credit

Credits can quickly add up and the more people you refer to VMedia, the more you will save. Learn more about our Rewards Program here. 

VMedia – More Savings. More Enjoyment.



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