VMedia Launches TV In BC and Alberta!


We are very pleased to announce the launch of VMedia’s innovative and affordable TV services in British Columbia and Alberta. Canadian consumers in these areas can now take advantage of VMedia’s better prices for TV packages,  more choice and flexibility – and of course all the cool TV features, apps and interactive online content that comes with our proprietary VBox.

VMedia TV will available in major urban markets, including Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton and their surrounding areas, with other markets to follow over the next 12 months.

VMedia is a leader in low cost TV packages, with our TheSkinny TV package starting at $17.95 with over 20 key channels including the five major US networks, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and PBS – well below the prices charged by the big companies. With a full line-up of network, specialty and multicultural channels offered in packages large and small, as well as on a standalone or a la carte basis available through our UChoose store, VMedia lets you  build your own customized TV package at lower prices than any of the competitors.

Save even more with  our value-packed TV and internet bundles that start at only $47.90. Compare and start saving today.

VMedia’s unique TV service comes with VCloud TV (our unique ‘scroll-back’ feature), VOD, PVR and ‘Everywhere TV’ with over a dozen “GO” apps, including TSN, TMN/HBO, Disney Channel and more, so you can watch VMedia TV on your  mobile devices and tablets. And the VBox is both a TV set top and a media player combined, so you can access all your favourite online content – Netflix, YouTube and all kinds of apps for movies, music, games and more in Google Play. One device, one remote and all your favourite content. VMedia makes every TV ‘smart’.

Alberta and British Columbia – VMedia TV is here and we’re here for you!




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