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Watching SVOD

Key commands on your remote for SVOD are below.

, Left, Right Rewind and Fast Forward
, Up, Down
Go to previous or next episode (if available)
Ok Play or Pause
RW / FW Rewind and Fast Forward
Play / Pause Play or Pause
Stop Stop and go back to content details screen
Wide Change aspect ratio (Normal, Stretch, Zoom)
VOL , VOL Volume Up,
Volume Down
Increase or decrease volume
Mute Mute
Last Channel Go back to previously watched channel or VOD title
Info Display info for program currently being watched
Options Display SVOD Options
Back Go back to content details screen
Yellow Add current content to favourites
Blue Display info for the content currently being watched


Options – Close Captioning

The "Options" button when you are watching TV allows you to turn Close Captioning on or off.